The Time Has Come

People of the world. It has come. Our defining moment of defiance. You have all dreamed of the day where we can stand up as free men and women, unoppressed by a gluttonous and greedy 1%. Their lust for power and wealth is their undoing. Their disregard for human and natural life will be their downfall. They are ignorant to the preciousness of life, the order of nature, and complete disregard for the fact that we live on a finite planet, with finite resources.

Will you stand by as people, regardless of political party, race, creed, culture, or age, are beaten, shot, murdered, raped, and enslaved because they believe in a better world. This is not just Libya, or Syria, or Tibet, or Greece, or London, or Wall Street. This is everything. This is the 99%. The over-educated and underpaid, the under-educated and disenfranchised. This is for the forgotten children in the mountains of Ethiopia and Somalia. This is for the imprisoned men and women who are executed for wanting their Tibet/Syria/Yemen back. This is for the young soldiers, sent to war by corporations to secure resources and capital, their bodies and minds torn apart, for the sake of profits and quarterly gains. This is for the children of America who were promised everything, but instead were robbed of a future of peace and co-operation. This is not just for the radicals, the hippies, the anarchists, the tea-party, the seperatists, the terrorists, the commies, the socialists. This is for all, this is for YOU!

I know how you feel. Tired, scared, too busy, too poor, or just too distracted to give a damn. But you HAVE TO! Idleness will only empower those who would destroy our planet and our race. The system is designed so you will be complacent, but you must fight the urge to be happy with the Status Quo. Thinking about the injustices will no longer serve. Showing up once every four years to vote will no longer serve. Only action. Only by taking to the streets and demanding the system change.

Please, talk to your friends and family. Inform yourselves. Stay up to date and begin the network of radical social and systematic change.

I Love You. You are all beautiful creatures who are deserving a voice and a chance to change the world! See the strength within yourselves, find the courage, and realize that only if we the people, the 99%, stand together as one voice, as one heart - no bullet, no gas, no cell, no riot shield, and no one will ever stop us!

Stay vigilant, stay strong, stand together.